November 2, 2012

Simple Thanksgiving Felt Garland

So, the holiday season is here again. You might have noticed, I haven't been posting as much as when I started this blog a year ago. I have been on a crafting/project marathon this past year-so many projects completed, so many new ideas and techniques I got to try! It's been a lot of fun sharing my ideas and "meeting" all of you! I have been overwhelmed with your nice comments and thrilled with being featured on bigger sites.

But I have decided to take it slow for the next few months. Anyone who blogs knows how time consuming it and even competitive it can be, especially during this season. But I just want to enjoy time with my family and friends. Yes, I do have a few Christmas ideas up my sleeve and I hope you get a chance to check out last year's ideas. I hope you will still stay with me. In the spirit of recycling I am reposting this Thanksgiving idea from last year: Simple Thanksgiving Felt Garland.

I love Thanksgiving--it is such a simple season of gratitude--I think it's important to remember the ways we are blessed. I always think it's a shame that this holiday often gets overlooked by the rushed Christmas season ahead.

This year, I decided to celebrate a little early and decorate with a simple reminder to "be thankful". I have been loving all the machine sewn together felt garland I've seen around different blogs and on Pinterest.

Since I don't have a sewing machine yet,  I decided to put an old-fashioned spin on designing my own by hand stitching the garland.  I was excited to find some recycled felt made from Eco-Fi-made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles by the brand Creatology. Plastic bottles never felt so soft...

Here's what you'll need to make this project: 

  1. Yarn needle

  2. Felt in various colors

  3. Fabric scissors

  4. Yarn-I used two types of textures, but used the smooth kind for the lettering

  5. Glue gun or tacky glue

  6. Small circular containers in different sizes to trace-try a spice jar or medicine cup.

  7. Pen or pencil 

  8. First, I traced my circles around the containers-I alternated between two different sizes.

    Then, I cut out each circle until I had enough to spell out my words. I used 11 circles.

    Next, I threaded my yarn needle with the wavy yarn and stitched loosely through the center of the first circle.

    I repeated the process, leaving about an inch between circles, until I ended up with a long chain of circles, like this:

    To make the words, "be thankful" I cut small pieces of straight orange yarn and just looped and connected the pieces to form each letter. I then glued each letter to the center of the circle.

    (keep in mind that I formed the letters first before trying to glue them!)

    Are you ready to see the finished garland?  Here it is!

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    a shot from below, the garland is held in place by the gourds:

    I love my colorful reminder to "be thankful"...

    If you liked this idea, I hope you get inspired by checking out the rest of my holiday tutorials! And be blessed this season...

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    1. That's a really cute project! Too bad I don't have a mantle :-(


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