July 18, 2011

How to Make Cloth Vintage Inspired Booches

I was in a department store this week and noticed some pretty flower pin/hairclip combos in accessories, and not feeling like paying the price tag for them inspired me to try to make them myself. So, I went to a craft store and picked up some vintage looking flowers, pin backings and a roll of bridal tulle and went to work researching on the internet. What I have made below is a combination of various tutorials I found online, as well as some ideas I thought of my own.

Here is a little trick for making tulle curl up in a bowl and crinkle around the edges:

First cut out a tulle circle, then hold it carefully above a candle flame to melt it a little-make sure you don't hold it too close or the whole thing will burn!

After the circles were crinkled enough for me, I then layered three of the circles cut in different sizes, glue gunned the flower and pin backing to them for the finished product! Would be pretty on a summer dress, plain T-shirt, or tote.

The all-cotton brooch was inspired by embellished shirts I have loved but not loved the price tag on either, along with wanting to brighten up plain shirts with a fun, fresh look. The ones I made below were created entirely from a shirt I no longer wear because of a stain, but I still loved the pretty sequins and lace enough to want to find a different use for them. Are you ready to get out the needle and thread and those sock-stitching skills ? And, you will need a nice pair of fabric scissors too. Ready, set, sew!

First, I cut out little "B" shapes-out of folded in half fabric in different shapes and placed on top of each other at a slight angle.

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Then, I cut out a piece of the lacey sequin for the center.

 Next, I made a stitch with needle and thread throught the center, tightened to gather the fabric together in the center, and knotted on the back.

Finally, I glue gunned the pin backing to the back to finish. You could combine two together for a larger brooch, or even sew directly onto a shirt if you want, too!


  1. Love the new blog Kristina! I look forward to seeing what you are making. You always have fun ideas! Tutoritals are one of my favorite blogs!!

  2. Thanks, Teresa, it is fun do display them this way, and I also love the tutorials, that's why I thought it would be fun to tell people how I did things. I think people can be afraid to be creative, but with simple step-by-step instructions, might encourage people to have fun with it.

  3. Teresa, I also love tutorials and am thinking about adding video tutorials too!

  4. Great tutorial! Your photos are very eye-catching as how you have your pieces propped up against books...

    Thanks for linking up at Creative Juice. I featured this today!


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