September 21, 2011

Creating My Own Style and Avoiding That Cookie-Cutter Look

If there's one thing I want to avoid in home decorating, it is a room that looks just like a furniture catalog, untouched like no one lives there, with perfectly matching sets of everything from furniture to bedding and curtains. I think rooms should reflect your personality, culture and values-and tell a story--and I absolutely think it doesn't have to be expensive.

 To finish up the posts of my bedroom redo, I am sharing a few photos and ideas of how I added a mix of old and new, vintage and global accessories to create a look all my own.

A look inside the door

pretty jade plant

distressed frame
The above frame was an old one I had, originally black painted wood. I freshened up the look distressed style (my favorite!) with a little flat white paint, a touch of pale green, and a sandpaper finish.

curtained closet

When our closet door broke, I didn't freak out. Instead, I improvised by adding a tension rod and a single curtain panel to the doorway. I actually like this look better-I think it adds a global feel to the room.
antique stool stand
 I found this cool blue stool at an antique shop. I think it looks and works great as a nightstand. And another distressed frame I updated.

bird made from zippers

My friend Danielle, is oh-so-talented at making gorgeous recycled art-this bird was a birthday gift for me, made from jean zippers! You can check more of her work out at PaperDenimArt.

fun free and cheap stuff! 
This table was sitting in a friends' garage. It was given to us and it fits perfectly in the corner as my nightstand. I have started collecting old metal trays and I love this one-from our neighbor's garage sale--everything looks better on a tray! The pretty white lantern was a cheap thrift store find.

So, this finishes up my show-and-tell of my bedroom redo--until I finish my headboard idea and show you that, and update the lighting. Next, I will be showing you some crafty ideas I've been working on from my favorite season--autumn! 


  1. I love the look of your room Kristina! All the yellow makes me happy :-). I especially like the look of the curtain for the closet and the flowered metal tray. You always inspire me with your decorations! It makes me want to get right to decorating our new place :-)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Your place is adorable...I love visiting and just looking around! So fun!

  3. Rebecca-thanks! I really love the yellow, too, although it doesn't make me a morning person like I hoped :) I think the curtain turned out nice too, and I want to find more trays like that! I'm excited to see how you decorate your new place-I know you have some great ideas!

    Teresa-Thanks, I love having you over and visiting your place too, can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

  4. Thanks for making our house a home :)


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