March 27, 2012

Painted Mini Birdhouses

A few weeks ago I found some wooden birdhouses at Jo Ann Fabrics for a dollar
each. I thought they would make a fun project for me to do with my boys. So,
I got brave, opened up a few of my acrylic (non-toxic) paints and let them loose!
They loved it and I loved seeing them get creative with their houses...
(and hands...and lips...)

I did the orange and green one and painted the top with chalkboard paint, writing a
Spring message on it with chalkboard markers.
 I finished my birdhouse display by stuffing a few pieces of paper Easter grass
into the holes to mimic birds nests. This turned out to be a great kid's project and I'm
 proud that my boys actually sat through the whole project to finish them!

Thanks for stopping by ReMadeSimple! I hope you come back later this week where I'll be showing you more of my spring and Easter decorating!  

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  1. Adorable. Oh.....they grow up so fast. My teens would never do this stuff with me anymore. Enjoy them!!! :)

  2. So fun! I bought one of these this past weekend & hope to paint it up soon too!

  3. How fun! I've spotted these at the craft store & wanted to pick some up!

  4. such a cute idea!! and I love that both the boys have blue lips :D

  5. Kristina - do you ever take your boys to the Home Depot kids workshop? It's the first Sat. of each month from 9 to Noon - and it's completely free.. We have built many birdhouses there and the kids get to paint them too. :) Lately they also offer free cookies & juice too. It's a fun monthly tradition.

  6. I love this idea! The bird houses are gorgeous!


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