March 17, 2012

Thrifty Spring Finds

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! 

These Irish eyes are smiling because the weather here is gorgeous-almost 
80 degrees with green grass and daffodils popping up (in case you're 
wondering, every other St. Pat's day I can remember wearing sweaters 
and seeing snow outside my windows...) 

Today I wanted to show you some thrift store finds I pulled together 
for a cute little spring outfit. I am excited because this spring, after losing
twenty pounds since last spring, I am two sizes smaller! 

(I plan on doing my official weight loss post with before and after pics
 once I actually hit my goal-only a few stubborn pounds to go! )

So, here you have my black H&M cotton dress, only $7--I've been
searching for something like this for a while-can't believe I found it so cheap! 
(I love how slimming and comfy it is).

And a cute little flower brooch (no I didn't make this one!) with the 
tag still on from New York and Co.: my price: $2 

Champagne ballet flats barely worn (I washed them anyway!)
for only $3

Besides the leggings and jewelry, everything  I'm wearing came from Saver's. 
Total cost: $12

Hope you enjoyed my spring "fashion show"--
(and yes, I'm smiling even though I'm sleep deprived from newborn feedings!) 

Thanks for visiting ReMadeSimple today! Stay tuned for more thrifty finds later next week! 

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  1. Great dress and indeed looks comfy! And... well... I just love your hair like that!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Belated thank u Olga! And I just discovered how easy it is to wear my hair this way with the right products :)

  2. We are getting a Savers near my office.. I can't wait! Your outfit is cute!

    1. Thanks Mary Ann-sometimes Saver's is a little overpriced for a thrift store but it is very organized and there are certain discount days you can go and when you donate a bag you get a coupon too!

  3. SUPER CUTE! I love the pictures! GREAT FINDS!

  4. great purchases and all of it together looks so pretty!

  5. I love it! You look amazing! And how handy that you have a husband who can take professional looking pictures of you, too :-).

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Yes, I do have a handy and talented hubby :)

  6. good job! love the flats. you look cute:)

  7. Love a girl who knows how to shop! New to your blog and glad to have found your creative space on the web:D


  8. wow! Such good buys and cute, too! Congrats on losing weight- I know that's not easy!

    1. Thank you, Laura! No, it isn't easy to lose weight and I've tried and failed in the past but accountability with friends among smaller portions and keeping my hands busy with projects has really helped me!


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