April 16, 2012

Smart Simple & Green Boot Storage Tips

It's that time of year again-time to store away all the fall and winter clothes and boots and get out the sandals and flip-flops (and scrub those feet...paint those toenails pretty... )

If you have tall boots and want them to last long and keep their shape, don't just flop them down on the closet floor; try this quick trick: (and rescue some plastic from the recycling bin or trash can).

1. Grab two rinsed out empty two-liter bottles.

2. With the caps on tight, push them down into your boots to help them hold their shape.
3. Store away.

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Ok, so that was the easiest and quickest tutorial I've ever shared-no skills required!
I really think this trick has helped my favorite boots last for years-now all I need to do for next season is polish them up.

Hope this tip was helpful and thanks for visiting ReMadeSimple! Looking forward to sharing more spring decorating and crafty ideas with you!

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  1. Oh, I needed that this week. this is my "organize the closet week", but somewhere in the last few years I lost my boot "trees", I was trying to figure out if I could use paper towel rolls, but this is even better:)


    1. Thanks, Jessica! It really does work nicely to keep boots in shape.

  2. This is a great idea! As a shoe salesperson, this is also a great tip to pass along. Thank you!

  3. Kristina! My boots are lying on top of one another and your post just reminded me of all of the wine bottles {saved for project I never did} I just recycled!!! Come share at my link party!

  4. What a great idea. I usually throw mine in a Rubbermaid bin along with all the other winter footwear and forget about them till fall. Then I dig them out all scrunched and folded.


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