April 18, 2013

Family Update: Finally Forever!

This year has been full of excitement for our family and it seems like forever since I've posted on the blog, but for a very good reason. On March 28th, we finalized our much-awaited adoption of our third child- the 13 month old baby boy we've had with us since birth! It was a happy, happy day for our family, baby "L" is so sweet and brings a lot of joy to our lives. 

I am thankful that his little life was rescued and humbled that we get the privilege of raising him. This makes us officially a house full of three wild boys, never a dull moment for sure, but we are blessed.(If you're just tuning in, you can read all about how our adventure of this unexpected gift started here).
 So, we've done a lot of celebrating around here, last weekend was busy with open houses and family parties, including his first birthday party. Of course, I was busy making some homemade decorations for the events. This garland was made by folding half circles of paper and taking a glue stick to seal them together and attached them to a line of string. 

This was our happy adoption day! Here I am with the handsome men in my life. It meant a lot to us to be surrounded by friends and family there to support us.

Here is the adorable birthday boy! I made him this hat (of course) from a repurposing a cereal box covered in felt, pom poms and craft foam. He enjoyed the game of ripping it off of his head every time I tried to keep it on him. 

It's been a fun season of celebrating and welcoming in our baby! I am amazed at the story God wrote and how he built our family-each adoption has been an amazing journey-a labor of the heart. I am still winding down from all the hard work it takes to throw a great party, but I can't wait to show you our nursery I worked on a few weeks before we adopted.

I was able to turn a bland room into something so inviting and fresh, complete with homemade artwork and painted floors, walls and doors. Here is a little sneak peek into the room: I think baby boy loves his room as much as I do, he squealed every time we took someone in for a room tour.

Stay tuned for my entire nursery reveal! I can't wait to show it to you....and thanks for visiting ReMadeSimple!


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