August 12, 2011

How to Make a Peel and Stick Chalkboard Surface on Anything!

I had these old canisters that I thought about throwing away, but after throwing in the dishwasher, they started to sparkle again. I thought about how I could spruce them up. I had been playing with chalkboard paint at the time, making ones out of old cabinet doors. I wondered how I could put a chalkboard surface on my old canisters, so I decided to experiment with Contact Paper.

First, I cut out a large square of the paper. Then, I sprayed the chalkboard paint evenly over it. After drying, I was able to make several chalkboard labels I could peel and stick on lots of things! They worked great to write on and wipe off with a damp cloth. And, the were much cheaper than buying the canisters I saw in Pier 1 with chalkboard labels on them, and more fun making them myself.


  1. OK, so this is truly ingenious! You just sprayed the contact paper! Very clever! I'm wanting to paint our basement door that's in the kitchen with chalkbd. paint but Richard keeps turning his nose up every time I mention it. A black door?? That sounds awful! lol
    I'm going to do it anyway!~! The grandkids would love it and it would be fun for menus, etc!

  2. Teresa-Thanks! It is really nice because it can be as temporary or permanent as you want it! I have also done cute labels on planters and glass bottle vases. I think you could easily do this idea on your basement door too-it is very washable and durable. I have also seen the dry erase paint that makes any surface a dry erase board. That is at lease white :) Have fun with your idea!

  3. Thanks I really like the contact paper idea, love your chalk board/wine cork frame too! I did quite a few chalkboards at Christmas time, don't you love the paint! You can put it on almost anything, dangerous!
    New follower, hope to have you visit and be a friend!


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