August 6, 2011

Wine Cork Monogram

So, I have this collection of corks waiting to be used creatively--I am privileged to have them sent to me from my cousin's vineyard in Sonoma County, CA-thanks, Allie!  I love everything about them--from the stamped vineyard names on the sides, the wine stains on the tops, the different colors and smell of them. When a friend showed me this idea for using them in a monogram, I was happy to give it a try.

All you need are wine corks, a glue gun, and a monogram letter. I bought a wooden monogram at Michael's for around $3-it is nice because it already has holes in the back to hang on a wall, but I think you could also print a letter off on the internet, trace it and cut it out of sturdy cardboard too.

Here's how I did it-first I positioned all the corks so they would all fit onto the letters without showing any white. Then I glued one at a time on one side and the bottom and pressed it onto the one next to it.

Here's the finished product!


  1. This looks great, Tina! So glad you could find such a creative use for these corks! It is fun to see the real old ones mixed in there with the Ketcham Estate!

  2. ooooooo, I really like this one! It would be need over a mantle with the families last name spelled out

  3. Thanks, Allie! yeah, I like the mixture of old and new corks, thanks for supplying them to me!

  4. thank you, yes a family name spelled out would be cool too!


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