January 9, 2012

Blog Facelift

Well, it's that time of year where so many of us are enjoying a fresh start and making changes in our lives, our homes and personal goals. And I decided to enlist the help of my secret weapon, my husband Jeff for a blog facelift. Did you notice my fresh new header, button and signature?

We have been reading up on how important it is to brand your blog and I love how this facelift is more simple and has elements in it and a tagline that helps a new reader know what kind of blog this is (a DIY site! notice the pieces of tape?)

Jeff is so talented at Photoshop, photography and graphic design. He has taught me a few tricks but I am no where near as good as he is yet...He does photography and blogs at I Heart Snap It Photography and is now offering custom blog header, button, and signature design services at an affordable price! Go check out his site for more details and to contact him for services! 

I would love it and I know he would appreciate it if you would give him a visit--say hi and see some of his gorgeous family photo shoots. And maybe subscribe, because he will be offering photo editing tips, Photoshop tips, staging photos for your blog and more! Here are just a few amazing photographs he has taken. Enjoy!

Don't forget to go check out I Heart Snap It Photography
And stay tuned for Wednesday's announcement of the $50 Cutting Edge Stencil
 Giveaway--you have one more day to enter! 
Well, it's time for this tired momma to get some rest...Goodnight everyone!  


  1. Your site is looking great! And your hubby is quite a talented photographer. Really captures a mood along with great pics. Congrats, Kristina!!

  2. Love your new background and header! Wish you a good star!

  3. wow! those photos are stunning! and i love the new header.

  4. Thank you everyone! I''m so thankful to have my talented husband!

  5. Your hubby is GREAT! I'm so impressed! Your update is so FUN! You two make a great team!!

    XO, Aimee

  6. speechless. almost.
    this is crazy beautiful! fresh, simple and inviting xo

  7. Thank you Aimee and Hannah! I really, really love this look and think it is much more simple and fresh-I am thankful we are a great team!

  8. I LOVE the header and button! Your hubby sure is talented!! What an awesome resource you have. I love the digital tape! Nice touch.


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