January 8, 2012

A Walk Through a Salvage Warehouse

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"something extracted (as from rubbish) as valuable or useful"
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary). 

We were here on one of the last days of December, an unusually
warm, sunny day. We took the whole family and our boys were 
thankfully well-behaved, fascinated by everything they saw. 
I am always so inspired when I come here, like walking 
through an old attic or even museum.

Here is a photo stream a local warehouse that has 
rescued many architectural treasures from the wrecking ball. 

Not just for contractors, but for those who have 
an imagination to bring creative re-use to these 
items to create their own salvage style.

Believe it or not, this mirror was made completely from salvaged 19th c decorative 
Victorian trim parts (w/new mirror). This warehouse would be any designers or crafters dream.


If you've never been to a salvage warehouse, I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour.
See what I did with a shutter I purchased from this store by clicking here.
If you would like a 3D Virtual Tour of Architectural Artifactsclick here. 

There are so many creative ideas out there to bring new life to old things
 and live more sustainably. I hope salvage style is a trend that continues.

Have you ever been inspired to repurpose?

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  1. That DEFINITELY got my creative juices flowing! I'm curious--were prices cheap? The only salvage place I've been to is Re-Store (run by Habitat for Humanity).

  2. I could get lost in there for days just looking around! Very interesting looking things!

  3. Hi Stephanie I know what you mean! I get excited every time I walk into this amazing warehouse. I have seen items from $5.00 to $68,000. It is such a fun experience.

  4. Teresa I agree we always get lost in there. The photos I took are just a small amount of the amazing treasures to be found here! thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow, beautiful!! I would be in heaven there! And, your pictures are amazing. Some of them would make beautiful artwork, hanging on the wall. Do you ever frame your photographs as art?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower! I love the space you've created here :)

  6. Thanks Emily! I do use some of our photos as art-especially nice to have printed on matboard. And thanks for following too!Looking forward to "seeing you around" :)

  7. We are very lucky to live so close to this amazing store. I have to say, though, the prices tend to be on the high least from my experience. I've bought things there that are fun to use and reuse, but a lot of what they have is pricey. It is, however, a fun trip!!

  8. Many of your readers probably have Habitat for Humanity in their community. They have a ReStore (great name, no?) where you can get the items you show here.
    In my city, 100's of houses were to be demolished for an extension of a highway. One of our politicians contacted H for H to see if they would like to take any of the parts. Well, of course they did. They teamed up with an instructor from the college in the civil engineering department. All the labour was from volunteers; I volunteered a few days.
    H for H also contacted area charities and offered them free goods if they volunteered. Some were upgrading their offices or furnishing a new one or replacing old items.
    It was amazing what they were able to salvage. Some houses had all the appliances, furnace, air conditioner, gazebos, staircase, tile, etc. They also rescued all the light fixtures and receptacles.
    When I bought new cupboards for the kitchen , the old went to H for H.

  9. I've never been to a salvage warehouse but now I want to! It looks like so much fun. I love the ceiling lamp shades and the color toilets!

  10. Teresa S-yeah, I do wish their prices were a little lower-but the second floor has the cheaper stuff like doors, shutters, etc. But always fun to explore!

    @ Kitblu-we do have a H for H ReStore in our area too-I love what they do for the community! That's amazing that so many historical pieces were able to be salvaged-sounds like a great community effort!

    @ Stela-yes the lamp shades and of course the fun colorful toilets are one of a kind :)

  11. my head is spinning with ideas. We have a smaller version of this called ReStore here in my part of the world. Seeing your post makes me think I need to get over there again soon. Thanks for linking your vision up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  12. Hi im a new follower. Love your blog and look forward to looking thru all your previous posts.I love salvage yards (would love to have my own) and this post makes me want to visit the one nearest me too. Thanks for the tour, Leslie

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind comments and for following! Glad you liked the tour!


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