February 18, 2012

Anthropologie Knock-Off Rustic Wall Hook

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Who loves Anthropologie? And who loves a great knock-off craft? I have been having
fun challenging myself to make a few Anthro-inspired projects lately. Did you see my

I love rustic style, and was drawn to this cool "Forest Found Hook" by Anthropologie,
and for $30, not too bad...but, I thought about materials I already had at home, like pallet
wood and a metal hook. Oh, and coffee (I'll get to that part later.)
 And thought about how I could make this!

Let me show you how I did it:

You will need: 
metal household hook, pallet plank or other salvage wood, shiny black spray paint, scrap of mat board, 
coffee or wood stain, paint brush, exacto knife, framing nails (4), Dremel or jigsaw, drill.

First, cut your pallet plank in half (I used a Dremel with the cutting attachment, but I 
think a jigsaw would have been more efficient and made a cleaner cut because 
I ended up having to sand the top with an electric sander).

Then, apply your wood stain. I tried an all-natural, ultra cheap coffee stain for the first time!
Basically, brew some coffee, have a few sips if you want, and let it cool. 
Then brush onto wood and allow to dry.

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I applied a few coats of coffee and allowed to dry until it was as dark as I wanted it to be.
My 3 year old even got in on the fun and helped me out with the final coat. 

While I was waiting for the coats of stain to dry (I did 3) I spray painted a metal hook
with black spray paint for a faux cast iron look.

 Then, I cut a piece of mat board into a rectangle for the backing.

And after I spray painted it with two coats, I was surprised by how much it looked
 like cast iron and not paper at all. Pretty sneaky...

I drilled 4 holes onto the edges of the backing rectangle after it was dry and nailed it
to the wood with tiny framing nails.

Then, I drilled two holes where the hook would go along with the screws.

I attached a rope loop with a staple gun to the back so I could hang it to my wall and
I was done!

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Not to bad, eh? And, like I said, it cost me nothing to make because I
 already had all the materials at home. 
I have loved sharing these ideas with all of you and am determined
to live with style on a budget. 
Next, I really need to get a jigsaw so I can cut up some more stuff!

Until next time,

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  1. I love this! Fantastic craft idea...must try this soon :-)

  2. it's great! I actually made a coat rack this week too - but out of branches I clipped from my garden. I think that may have been something I saw at Anthro or somewhere. I like the coffee stain idea - should have tried that!

    1. Thanks, Stevie! Yeah Anthropologie does seem to do a lot of rustic/naturey designs-which I love. Thanks for commenting and visiting!!

  3. What? That is mat board? Can't tell! Such a great project! Love it!

    1. Yes, it really is mat board-now I know how to fake shiny metal-thanks for your kind words!

  4. So cute! Found you on Vintage Wanna Bee, hi! :)

  5. Great job! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  6. It turned out beautifully!! I love the coffee technique!

    Thanks so much for linking up last Thursday!!


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