February 13, 2012

DIY Birthday Pennant

This weekend we celebrated my youngest son's second birthday! Where has time gone?
It really is crazy to think that my little baby, who I thought at one time would never sleep through the night is now a big boy, running around, talking, laughing, getting into trouble every day!  

Anyway,  I've been working hard on an idea I thought up for a cloth birthday pennant that would last a lot longer (and look a lot cooler) than your typical paper store-bought decoration, for only a few dollars to make. 

I used a lot of different colors and textures to make it cheerful and interesting to look at, with yarn letters just for fun. 

And, here at ReMadeSimple I try to do most things with a "re"in there--so here you have a "reusable, recycled" no-sew birthday pennant! 

To make this you'll need:

several pieces of felt (I like Eco-fi because it's made from 100%recycled plastic bottles)
scrap pieces of fabric (I used a woven burlap type of fabric)
permanent marker or pen
glue gun

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Here's how I made this pennant:
You'll basically cut out your triangles (13) as large as you want them to be. 

I measured and cut one, then traced the shape with permanent marker onto all of the other pieces of felt and cut those out.

Then, arrange them right next to each other on a table or floor and use their length to see how long you'll need your yarn to be. (I allowed for about two feet of extra yarn on each side).

Use your hot glue gun to glue the edge of each triangle to the yarn.

Next, trace and cut out 13 circles out of felt or fabric in whatever color you want.

Hot glue each one to the center of the triangle.

Finally, cut small strips of yarn and shape them into letters, glueing small pieces at a time.

 (It might help to shape the whole letter first to make sure it looks right.)

The finished pennant hanging in a window, so bright and cheery!
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Making this pennant took me a few hours, but it now makes decorating for birthdays
and tearing down so much easier and quicker.

The pennant will just fold up and could be stored in a small pouch for next time. 
(Maybe I'll have to fashion one of those next!)

I purposefully used colors and style that I can use for our whole family for years to come,
 and I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

(It's so fun to see something you imagine turn out exactly how you want it to be.)
What do you think?

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Thanks for visiting today! I hope you leave feeling inspired and took some time to snoop around at the rest of my projects and tutorials!

In my next post, I'll be bragging more about how cute my two-year old is with some photos of his birthday bash and the fun theme I chose for him.

Until next time, 

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  1. Ah so cute Kristina! I love projects that don't involve sewing haha! So this is great :) Happy birthday to your littlest one!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I agree with you there on the no sew stuff-but I do have a goal to get a sewing machine and relearn and improve some stuff-so glad you liked my pennant!

  2. Kristina this is cute! Happy Birthday to your little baby!

  3. Haven't done the pennant thing. But think I'm going to have to jump on this bandwagon - these are so cute. Great job, Kristina. Hope you son had a fantastic day!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! This is my first pennant-yes they are popular and fun to make! (and my son loved his 2nd birthday! )

  4. I love no sew projects! Very cute!

    Would love for you to post and share it with my readers on my web site!
    A community to Create - Share - Inspire

    1. Thanks, Susan! I love no sew too (but I do want a sewing machine!!)

  5. It's very cute! I love the colors. Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  6. Love this! We just posted our 2nd Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party and would love for you to share this!

  7. Oh wow!! That is GORGEOUS! I'd love to have you share this with our readers for our Fun Stuff Fridays link up!

  8. This is SO adorable!!! I am featuring this today on my blog!!!

  9. Found you via One Project Closer party. Nice banner! I love how it looks hanging up. Very much better than the plastic one we had when my older kids were little.

    1. thank you! so glad you like it-I agree so much better than plastic!

  10. LOVE this!! My VERY favorite color!! Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!!

  11. I love this so much! I'm going to feature you today!! I'm in a birthday party mood and I SO wish I'd seen this a week ago ;-)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  12. I adore this.. Officially pinned and featured tonight via pin'inspirational thursday.. LOVE LOVE it.. Thanks SO much for linking.. Hope you are back again today.. : ))

  13. I love this! So fun and functional. I would love if you would share with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday!


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