October 25, 2013

Land of Nod Knock Off Winter Wondergraph Garland

I love making garlands! I pretty much have them up all year according to the seasons. This week, I made some soft and colorful fall leaves garland and it was a fun surprise to see one of my favorite projects from last holiday season getting featured on Copycat Crafts this week! I love this site and their amazing knock-off ideas!  I'm sure it's not too early to post a Christmas-ey project, especially since some people are having snowflakes falling this week! This garland is a knock-off from the Land of Nod, made by stenciling wax paper circles. Here's the featured link: Winter Wondergraph Garland
 And here's my tutorial "recycled" from last season, but still just as pretty!

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Today, on Black Friday, I didn't join all the crazies in lines at the stores and road rage on the road.  Instead, after a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving with my family, I decided to get to work on some DIY Christmas decorations like these beauties.

I love browsing through catalogs for ideas I can make the cheaper copycat way. I got inspired to make this lacey garland after seeing Land of Nod's Winter Wondergraph Garland below:

 I was convinced I could make a thrifty version of this garland with materials I already had stashed at home. Land of Nod's description says they were made with "coated paper" so I decided to try using wax paper, using a technique I learned when I made my Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier.

Here's what you'll need to make this garland: 

  • wax paper

  • parchment paper

  • iron

  • circle cutter or scissors and circle to trace

  • white acrylic craft paint

  • string or thread

  • needle

  • round patterned adhesive stencil (I used Martha Stewart's craft line)

  • paint pouncer or craft paint brush

  • First,  iron three squares of wax paper together sandwiched in between two pieces of parchment paper. 

    After paper is cool, use circle cutter to make circles a few inches wide ( or trace and cut out circles) I cut out twenty for my garland. 

    Then, press your circle stencils to the center of paper circles and paint with pouncer or brush. 

    I used two different sizes to create a lacey snowflake pattern. 

    Finally, push thread in and out of top of each circle using a sewing needle until each circle is connected for your finished garland. 

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    You can hang your finished garland in a Christmas tree, across a wall or in a window like I did. I love the delicate look of these in my kitchen window and plan on keeping them up all winter long!

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    p.s. If you loved this idea, please check out the rest of my holiday tutorials here!

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