October 6, 2011

Candy Corn Pinecone Owls

"Hoo" thinks these owls are cute? Or, maybe you think they're so ugly they're cute? Well, these little guys have been making me smile ever since I created them with my kids a few weeks ago. Even at their ages of 19 mos. and 3 years, they could at least help me collect the supplies outside and paint the eyes (and eat candy corn pieces along the way).

This project is so easy you really don't need much of a tutorial, but I will go through some steps and tips for you so you can have your very own adorable owl on display!

You will need :
-1 large pinecone for each owl (I cheated and used store bought cinnamon ones because I couldn't find the fat ones anywhere outside...they smell really good! )
-2 small pinecones for the wings (we did collect these under a pine tree in my neighborhood)
-4 acorn tops
-acrylic craft paint (I used yellow, white and dark brown)
-bag of candy corn (9 pieces per owl)
-low temp glue gun

-First, I had the kids paint the inside of two acorn tops yellow and allowed to dry. Then added a dot of white to each center for the "eyes". Allowed to dry and finished the eyes with a small dot of dark brown.

-Next, I hot glued two acorn tops face down to the bottom to help the owl stand up straight.

-I added the candy corn to the center of the pinecone for the nose, and two at the top for feather tufts. Here's a little helpful hint: I had to snip off small parts of the pinecone to make room for the candy corn.

-Here's a BIG hint: To avoid melting the candy corn, hot glue the PINECONE first, then add the corn.

-After the candy corn is firmly glued to the pinecone, I added the two eyes with hot glue.

candy corn talons

-To finish, I cut off 6 candy corn ends (the white part) with scissors for the owl "talons". Follow the same tip to hot glue the acorn feet FIRST to avoid melting the candy.

-Attach the talons and you're done!

A tall and short owl for each of my sons

Hi there! Let me know if you liked this project or if you have any questions...thanks for reading!


  1. Wow I could have never thought of using pinecones to do this. Love

  2. Genius love it....can I repost this on my blog and link to you?

  3. Very cute:) I saw a turkey pine cone in a magazine I want to try.

  4. Thanks, guys-it was really fun to do and nice to add some cute kids crafts to the decor. And sure, you can link to me!

  5. Those are so freaking cute! Very creative of you! Good job. :)


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