October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween everyone! Just thought I'd brag about how cute my kids are in their costumes this year!

My oldest really thinks he's Superman-even in the way he walks and how he shows his muscles, as you
can tell!

And my youngest is the cutest cowardly lion when he "rrroarrs".

The challenge from this point on: rationing out all the candy! Here's a fun little poem about today:

Little Monsters

Little monsters in costumes
Looking for candy treats
Terrorizing the neighbours
All along the street

They prey on young or old
To satisfy their appetites
Treats are handed over
To creatures of the night
With their goody bags
Full of every candy treat
They can’t wait to get home
Before they start to eat
Then when the bags are empty
They realise their mistake
They’ve eaten so much candy
They’ve all got stomach ache

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