October 24, 2011

Osage Oranges: Pretty Pest Protectors

This is the time of year when the weather gets colder and little creepy crawlers are trying to find a nice warm place to stay all winter. I am fine with spiders, bugs, and mice being outside of my home, but I am not interested in them sneaking INTO my home-this means war around here!

It may not be proven that osage oranges actually are pest repellers but in my opinion, it can't hurt to try! Many people have been trying it for centuries and swear by it.

You might have seen these bright green fruit hanging on trees that resemble brains-I happen to think they are really pretty sitting on a plate as a simple decoration. It is believed that they give off an odor that repels bugs and mice. Fortunately for me, I think they actually smell nice, kind of like a pine tree.

Besides decorating with them, I also put them in my garage and basement as repellant-they have lasted for months in the past. They can be sticky and drip a little as they age, so make sure you put them on a plate or in a bag for easier clean up.

So, there's your simple, cheap and useful decorating tip for today-by the way, if you can't find osage oranges in the wild, there are grocery stores that will sell them for cheap.

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  1. I've never heard of these. WHere are you located? I wonder if I could find them in my area (SOuthern California). I like how they look and I am all for non-violent, non-poisonous pest deterrents. Do you suppose they work for ants? We are invade multiple times a day during this season. It's a war zone here. Definitely NOT pretty!

  2. Dear folkhaven-I am in Ohio, and from what I've read, Osage Oranges, or Hedge Apples are mostly common in the plains/midwest area. There is this all-natural insect killer called Diatomaceous Earth that I tried-made from dried shells, but be careful not to breath the dust in-hope that helps and thanks for reading!


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