October 12, 2011

Pretty Paper Leaf Display

Robert Frost's famous poem says "nothing gold can stay". Just like autumn-but that's what makes it so special. It is my favorite season for being outside, for decorating, for warm smelling candles and food. 

Here is a simple fall display I made on a key hook board to celebrate the golden colors of fall a little longer. Here is what I used: 
  • scrapbook paper in pretty fall-like colors
  • permanent markers
  • low temp glue gun
  • glue stick
  • crinkle safety scissors
  • packing tape
  • buttons
  • small hole punch
  • small strip of lace

-My 3 year old got in on the leaf cutting fun with some safety crinkle scissors and a glue stick to paste the leaves together. We hole punched the tops and they were ready to hang on the hooks. 

-I made the "FALL" sign by writing letters with the permanent marker onto the paper.
-I placed packing tape around the front and back of the letters to "laminate" them. 
-Then I cut the letters into neat squares.
-I glued the squares to the strip of lace with a low temp glue gun.
-Attaching little buttons to the ends finished the project and I hung them onto each hook across the board. 

Here is a larger picture of my keyhook-picture board along with a glass hurricane lantern. 

My fall display

I added some real leaves around the base of the lantern that are still staying gold for least for a little while. 

-Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I clicked over to your blog from TT&J for your flower pins tutorial and I hung around looking at your other crafts. I love your flowers, and also your leaves, both here and hanging in front of your window. I love the picture of your son watching you craft--moments like that are priceless!

    My question, though: where did you get the wall decor piece? I'm not sure what to call it, above your buffet...did you make it? I plan to keep looking, so you may have answered my question in an earlier post, but I just couldn't go without asking :)

  2. Hi Kimmy! Glad you liked looking at all my crafts, thanks for taking the time write your kind comments! -yeah, my son is so curious about what I'm making next! I always think it's fun to add him watching in the pics:) If you're talking about the framed clouds/raindrops that is a painting my husband and I painted together-or the mirror piece? Pier 1-hope it answers your questions!


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