November 12, 2011

Thrift Store Jackpot

I have been shopping thrift stores ever since my teen years and it seems like these stores are becoming more popular--probably because of necessity for many and because "cheap is chic", as Better Homes and Gardens wrote this month.

 When you are a person that likes to sift through garage sales and thrift stores, you know that it can be hit or miss a lot of the time. A cool shirt here, a table you can redo there. And you have to be able to stand the stale smell of the store and really use your imagination.  (Why don't they put air fresheners in those places?)

This week, I couldn't believe the jackpot of cool stuff I found between two thrift stores. I can hardly find clothes I like or in good shape and I found 3 perfect sweaters! And I found out  Savers has 25% off every Monday-how could I have not known that? 

Here is a photo stream of what I found:

  Pretty lemon yellow linen napkins, oh, what shall I make with these? 

A nice Tupperware cake carrier! -(my husband thinks it might have been his mother's from when he was little--Tupperware does last forever!) And a nice Pyrex dish in pretty cream and orange. 

I couldn't believe someone wouldn't want this Swan Creek Candle in Pumpkin Vanilla-these high quality soybean wax candles normally cost around $15! 

 A cozy cotton button up cardigan in perfect shape and one of my favorite colors originally from Sears.

Short sleeved Italian Mohair blend sweater from the Limited, in a deep peacock blue to match my door.

 Another cute sweater in perfect condition  from A.N.A. JC Penney ,one of my favorite brands-will be nice with leggings and boots.

 A ruffled Vera Wang scarf in a perfect purple!

When I came home with my bags full of goodies at such great deals, I felt so blessed. It's the little things that make this girl happy!


  1. Hello Kristina, I love love your blog and concept! I found you on google and I am your new follower! Please stop by and visit with us and become our follow too...I would love having you with us! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs Loretta

  2. Hi Loretta-thanks for your compliments and following ReMadeSimple! Have a great weekend too!

  3. Hi Kristina, I found you via Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special party. I love all of your thrifty finds, especially the sweaters. I just started following you. Can't wait to see what other treasures you will be finding. Have a great day.

  4. What treasures you found! I'm your newest follower...loving your blog!

  5. Thank you Laurie and Brittany for the kind comments and for following ReMadeSimple!

  6. Oh, you really found some nifty stuff...I like your style. Too bad we don't have thrift stores like those over here. I'm a new follower. Please drop by when you have a chance.

  7. Love the clothes you found! I'm not the greatest at finding awesome thrift store clothes but this gives me an incentive to try it again! Found you through WIWW!


    Newlyweds on a Budget

  8. Thanks ladies, I'm also not the best at finding clothes at thrift stores, but that's why I was so excited when I found these things in the perfect sizes, styles and colors-don't give up, someday might be your "jackpot day"!

  9. What great finds!! I'm really loving the Pyrex you found, I collect it and I've never seen that pattern.


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