November 18, 2011

Simple Centerpiece

Would you like to see another simple, thrifty elegant centerpiece idea for a wedding or a party? 

I  saw this idea at a wedding this summer and thought it looked so pretty-simple, vintage and elegant all at the same time. I decorated my table like this for a gathering we had at our house recently (the kids were gone so I could actually have candles and breakables within reach! )

I bought my tea lights at IKEA-the nice wide kind that burn a little longer than the standard ones, and I used two different sizes of Ball jars-arranging them in a set of three on a nice antique cake plate a friend gave me.

I love how the candles glow and sparkle in the jars! 

Wouldn't these be pretty hanging from a tree on a nice summer night? 

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  1. pretty and simple! I love mason jars!!!! lol

  2. Oooh - I like the way these look - and your pictures of them. I bet the blue jars would be pretty too. that's crazy that you also came up with the trashy wreath form - I assumed people would think I was nuts for that one. It makes me feel better that it was thought of by another creative mind too :).

  3. I am a big fan of less is more, too.

  4. Lovely job with your photography! Warm glowing reflections on glass... can't be beat :)


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