November 8, 2011

Rock Your Ugg Boots

It's that time of year around here in the Midwest-time to get out your warm boots and prepare for the cold. Ugg boots are a warm, comfortable fashion staple for many of us this around here this time of year. (Of course, being a thrifty momma I got my knock-off's from Costco.) 

Ever since discovering cloth rosettes, I have been pretty much addicted to making them--and now that I know how to make the felt ones, I love these even more. Thanks to Stelabird for the tutorial!  Well, I thought it would be fun to make my knock-off Uggs stand out a little and add some pretty felt rosettes to them. 
Here's what you'll need: 
  1. felt-I like using Eco-Fi made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  2. fabric scissors
  3. pin back
  4. glue gun
  5. marker or pen
  6. round traceable object-like a jar lid

Here's how I did it:

Trace a few circles onto felt

Cut them from the outside in into a circular swirl (see pic below)

This is what the swirl should look like

Roll the felt circle into a rosette shape, adding a dot of glue along the way

Glue gun a pin back to make it removable 

Here's how they should look! Don't worry if they don't-it took me a few tries .

I pinned them to the seam so it wouldn't damage the suede

Ta da!  I'm rockin my Uggs
Do you love rosettes too? Share a few ideas with me of what you've made with them by posting a link in the comments box and I'll post a few pictures  in a post and link back to your blog!

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  1. What a great way to pretty up your Uggs! I would love it if you would stop by and link this up to my linky party going on right now :)

    Also, make sure you check out Random Act of Kindness Week going on next week. I would love to see you be a part of it!! :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Nikki! I did link up to your party-thanks for the offer and for visiting ReMadeSimple.

  3. cute, love my uggs! I'm stopping by from the lovely poppy and would love for you to checkout the huge ($100) giveaway i'm having that ends tomorrow-

  4. Those are so adorable. I would have never thought to do that.

  5. Oh my goodness. So cute and creative. LOVE them!

  6. great idea it makes them so girly!

  7. oooo i think Im gonna try this - and pretty up my uggs a bit! Thanks!! PS i a m loving your blog and all your great ideas here! :) blessings to you today!!

  8. Thanks ladies for all your kind comments! It is fun to pretty up and add little changes to outfits like this. I saw someone looking at my boots in a store and I wonder if she thought I bought them that way. Ha ha...a trend is starting!

  9. Soooo cute! I absolutely love this idea! I can't wait to fancy up my ugg boots with rosettes!
    PS I'm your newest follower!

  10. What an awesome idea! Might be just the thing to change my hibbie's mind about my Ugg's (he thinks they are UGLY)??? Can you believe that? LOL. Thanks for the awesome idea. We would love for you to share it with our readers at our Tuesday linky party! Hope to see you there.

  11. cute idea!! I might just have to do this!

  12. How fun. Love the idea. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. These are really cute idea. I can't wait to show my daughter!


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