November 20, 2011

Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

I'm excited to start this first post of three about the mini Christmas trees I've been making!

 As much as I don't like to rush through fall and Thanksgiving into Christmas, I realize as a crafty girl I needed to work on these decorations early before live gets too busy, and, of course, to show all of you who might want to make them!

I realize a theme is starting for my Christmas decorating-everything I've been making is colorful, whimsical, childlike with a bit of Dr. Suess style thrown in--these trees remind me of something out his "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" movie/book.

And they were practically free to make! I got inspired by the Land of Nod catalog that mysteriously arrived in my mail-with all their adorable, overpriced toys. The catalog was so colorful I wanted to use it for something besides the recycling bin.

I am proud to say I came up with idea all by myself! The result was a set of playful, colorful whimsical mini paper Christmas trees for a mantle, centerpiece or table. I made a set of 3 in different heights. I love them!

Are you ready to try some yourself?

Here's what you'll need:
1. colorful catalog/magazine 
2. scissors
3.  glue stick or glue gun
4. t.p. roll for base or cork + dowel pushed into center
5. jingle bell
6. optional-foam floral cone to help support the glued paper cone

I used a foam cone to help shape the paper and press down the applied glue. Then, I cut little slits all around the base of the cone about an inch long. This will be the top of the tree.

Repeat these four steps again for the second and third layer, except instead of 
forming it into a cone, you will form the strips of paper into a cylinder shape. 

For the trunk base, I used a toilet paper roll to hold up the tree. Another option I used was a cork with a dowel pressed into the center-also holds up the tree well.

 I love how I can see the little catalog toys on these cheerful little trees and that the base makes them sit at a slight angle, Dr. Suess style. Stay tuned this week for more adorable mini Christmas trees!

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  1. Those are really cute! I've been thinking it's too early for Christmas decorations but for some reason today I started getting in a holiday mood :-). I'll have to try these!

  2. adorable. gonna pin this!

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  3. these are awesome! and you take really great pics :)

  4. I love whimsical! These are adorable! And your tutorial pics & explanations are fabulous =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  5. Sooo creative and simply beautiful.. I absolutely love this.. I am officially your newest follower. I have a linky party happening for Christmas and I will LOVE for you to please share this lovely feature with me and my friends please : )) -- really lovely blog you have here, off to indulge in more of your awesome posts : ))... !TY ~Marilyn

  6. these are adorable and so easy I'd love it if you would add this to my link party at

  7. I love these... they are so quirky and cute!
    I'd love it if you could share this at my Simply Christmas Inspitaion Party at

  8. Cute, cute, cute! I posting these on my Facebook page!

  9. LOVE! Great way to recycle and upcycle... and they ARE so whimsical and playful and joyful... perfect to bring a smile during the Christmas season!! Way to go!

  10. Thanks everyone! I will be finding your link parties and posting :) Glad these are such a hit!

  11. These are adorable! Very Suessical! They are perfect with little kids in the house...I'm sure the boys will enjoy them! I love using 'junk' mail in my projects!

  12. oh my, these are adorable!!! LOVE.
    yep, i like your blog a lot.


  13. thanks kristina, i am totally going to try these!!!

  14. Very unique! Cute, I lo e how colorful they look;) good job girly!!!

  15. These are amazing! I can't believe that something so pretty could be made from re-purposed stuff! Great job.

    I am hosting a Christmas link up on December 12 at my Christmas blog. I sure do hope you will be able to swing by and join in!

    Best wishes,

  16. I LOVE these! They're utterly adorable and have a fabulous sense of style all their own. Clever you for putting this idea together the way you did! xo, diane

  17. These are so cute and really are "whimsical"!! I'd love for you link up this post and any other projects to the 26-Day Christmas Craft Marathon Linky Party!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Lisa's Craft Blog

  18. These are so cute & unique. I think they'll be adorable on a coffee table. I'm a new follower, I would love a visit when you have a chance.

  19. Oh my goodness, cute cute cute!! Love it! I would love for you to come share this at our link

  20. Adorable, very glad that you were able to join us at Pin'Inspiration Thursday.

    Happy new follower :-)

  21. Kristina, I love the Dr. Suess-like appearance the catalogs added! Great tutorial...and very imaginative! I would love to have you share your trees at my party!

  22. Happy Thanksgiving, inviting you to share your project with us at
    Have a fabulous shopping weekend.

  23. Those are SO fun! What a great use for all the old magazines I tend to hold on to...great idea! So glad you shared at One Artsy Mama for Shine On Fridays!

  24. They're so retty! And what a great way to use stuff from the recycling bin!

  25. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am going to feature these next week! Thanks for linking up and sharing:>

  26. What cute little trees! Thanks for linking up to the Head to Head Showdown! ~Jen @

  27. Love all of your mini trees, but especially this one! :)

  28. Too cute!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  29. Cute and a little sassy! I'll be going thru my mountains of scrapbook paper to find some fun patterns!

  30. These are too cute!!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    You've been featured at this week's party! :)
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}


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