February 9, 2012

Creating Anthropologie Style in Your Home for Less!

Hello everyone! It's another bright sunny February day here in the midwest--
and I'm loving it! It has been so nice to let my boys go out and play this winter
with our mild temperatures--the best winter I can remember! 

So, if you're been following along, you might know that I've been working 
on a few projects inspired by that gorgeous store, Anthropologie. 
(Did you see my table revamp? )

 It's not within my budget to buy things there, but I love
making a good knock-off decoration! 

Something I really like to do this time of year when I'm antsy for
 spring to arrive is buy a few new houseplants to bring 
something fresh and living inside.

And today I'm going to show you how I took a thrift store milk glass vase
and repurposed it into a pretty planter to create my Anthro style for less! 

On the left, you see what I created. And on the right, my inspiration:

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This is so easy, you barely need a tutorial, but pictures are always fun, so here goes: 

Here's what you'll need:

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 I used wine corks as a drainage and filler. 
I bought my milk glass vase at a thrift store earlier for only $1
(which I don't think is genuine milk glass, but I like the look).

Next, I added my organic potting mix from the greenhouse. (Do you like my action shot?)

Then, I carefully added my succulent plant.
(these are nice because they are low-maintenance plants)

And, was done! Easy, right? 

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I hope you enjoyed this post! I've been really overwhelmed by all the great comments I've been getting on my projects-I am so thankful for all of my followers and support by fellow bloggers and friends.

Please bear with me as I work on responding and visiting all of you too-
I am also a full-time mommy of 2 active boys learning how to juggle my responsibilities and hobbies! (But I'm having a lot of fun! )

Thanks for visiting today! And don't forget, you have only one more day to enter the $100 Ramsign giveaway-click on the button on the sidebar to the right to enter!

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  1. This looks great Kristina! I hadn't heard of using corks for drainage. Will have to try that. Your photos always look amazing too. What program do you use for your editing?

    1. Hi Sarah! Corks are great for drainage because they don't absorb the water! Thanks for your kind words on my photos-when I edit, I use photoshop :)

  2. Hi Kristina!

    What a lovely blog you have here. So full of great and informative posts! I have perused a few of your posts and enjoyed each one. So nice stopping by to visit with your this evening :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

    1. Thank you! So glad you've been enjoying my posts! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Isn't Anthro so inspiring - love a good knock off!

    1. Thanks, Laurel! I agree-everything they have is gorgeous! (and so fun to copy)

  4. I recently received an Anthro catalog. What fun to look at, but those prices?! Wow! It does fill me with all kinds of inspiration, though! I recently planted my own container of succulents. I love them so much because they really only need to be watered maybe once a month. I always forget to water plants and they die so succulents seemed perfect for me! I used an old wooden box to plant mine to find containers (cheap or free) to fill with plants!

    1. Teresa-I agree, really fun, but I would never pay that much. That's why it's been fun to try and mimic their amazing decorating style! Succulents are so pretty and easy to have around. I think our plants do so well because we forget to water them too!

  5. It's so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up to Kiss & Tell over at I Gotta Create!

    1. Thank you, Christina! Thanks for stopping by and for hosting :)

  6. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop:

  7. Very cute! I am a huge anthro fan :) And this is very pretty!

    I host a Weekly Friday Link Party I would love for you to join!


  8. Beautiful!! And, of course, the photography is over-the-top good!!

    Thank you SO much for linking up! I'll be featuring this tomorrow!

  9. How cool is this!! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

  10. Really neat and I do like your one photo with the dirt! I'm your newest follower!


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