December 15, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

Decorating our first real tree together as a family was a great memory for me! Here's a photo stream of that happening:

my unbreakable, handmade looking ornaments from Target-(Yes, I need everything unbreakable with two active boys in the house running around...)I do want to try and make some for next year, but these were only $1-3 each and so cute! 

little owl ornaments

my oldest son decorating the tree

my youngest son helping out too! 

cool handmade paper ornaments

mommy helping out- (daddy was snapping all the pics! )
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  1. amen to unbreakables!

    these sweet photos bless my heart, handsome little men! merry christmas. love the tree!

  2. Your kiddos r adorable! The tree looks pretty and the decor is so so cute ;) thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I am biased but I think my sons are the cutest kids ever! I didn't know it was called folk art-now I know! I guess I love folk art style :) Merry Christmas, ladies!

  4. Kristina, What a beautiful stream of photos. Your boys are beautiful. Your blog is beautiful.

  5. What a great idea having a tree full of unbreakable ornaments.


  6. Totally hear you on those unbreakables! The boys have a tree in their room and it's already fallen over three times! LOL!


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